Ontario farmers are just like you- they care about family, community, taste, environment, quality, food security and much more. We are all connected through our shared values and principles.

Buying local ensures you’re filling your plate with nutritious, delicious, environmentally friendly foods, grown by community farmers. It supports the local economy and keeps you connected to the food on your table.

Ontario’s 38,000 farming families dedicate their livelihoods to grow and produce over 200 food, fibre and fuel products that feed the province, country and world.

Finding local is easy thanks to farmers’ markets, farm gate sales, buy local maps and identification at the grocery store. Throughout the year, there is a constant supply of local meats, eggs, dairy products, preserves and greenhouse vegetables. Seasonal local fruits and vegetables can be preserved and frozen to enjoy during the colder temperatures.

With your help, we can connect Ontarians and showcase the best of Ontario agriculture.

We all have a reason for the choices we make. What’s your reason?

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